Trump Tax Returns: The Latest “Bombshell” Blank

September 29, 2020 Friends kept messaging me yesterday asking me to weigh in on the Trump tax return story. I was hesitant, because I see the story as a mere distraction and hate to waste time on it. I understood why they asked; I’m a CPA and have spent many years working on tax fraud.Continue reading “Trump Tax Returns: The Latest “Bombshell” Blank”

It’s Amy Coney Barrett

September 28, 2020 Trump’s Saturday nomination of Amy Coney Barrett was no surprise to the media or awaiting public. Her name had been prominently discussed during the 2018 Kavanaugh nomination, and by all accounts, she’s a brilliant originalist with all of the right credentials, and to the delight of conservatives, even clerked for, learned from,Continue reading “It’s Amy Coney Barrett”