National Sanctity of Human Life Day

The political efforts for the normalization of abortion by Democrats and their “devoutly-Catholic” leader Joe Biden are in heinous opposition to the creator that Catholics worship and serve.

Trump is my President; Jesus is my Savior

Please remember, the left continues to justify and condone the riotous death & destruction from the left that occurred for weeks and weeks on end all across our nation in 2020, while the right immediately condemned lawlessness from the worst of its own, demanding they be brought to justice. We will continue to stand on truth, not emotion, and we know that eventually, the truth prevails.

It’s Amy Coney Barrett

September 28, 2020 Trump’s Saturday nomination of Amy Coney Barrett was no surprise to the media or awaiting public. Her name had been prominently discussed during the 2018 Kavanaugh nomination, and by all accounts, she’s a brilliant originalist with all of the right credentials, and to the delight of conservatives, even clerked for, learned from,Continue reading “It’s Amy Coney Barrett”

Biden Bonus

I just couldn’t lay off. In case “you’re a stupid dogface pony soldier” wasn’t good enough, here’s ol’ Joe at it again. Actually this is re-circulating from 2016, but from the party that demands “presidential” presence and speech, I’m not sure how they reconcile off-the-cuff Joe. Personally, I grew up around people who slang speechContinue reading “Biden Bonus”

Friday Funnies 9/25/2020

I hope you enjoy this first edition of Friday Funnies. I can only imagine what material will be out there for next week’s edition after next Tuesday’s first Presidential debate!

RBG Aftermath – SCOTUS Part 2 – Precedent?

This is the year in which originalists finally get to 6. This is the year we have been waiting for since 1987, since the ambush of Judge Bork, since the closing of the American mind. We have been lied to and taking it on the chin for 33 years.


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