Biden Bonus

I just couldn’t lay off. In case “you’re a stupid dogface pony soldier” wasn’t good enough, here’s ol’ Joe at it again. Actually this is re-circulating from 2016, but from the party that demands “presidential” presence and speech, I’m not sure how they reconcile off-the-cuff Joe. Personally, I grew up around people who slang speechContinue reading “Biden Bonus”

Chronicling Previously Evaporated Thoughts

September 23, 2020 I’ve always considered myself to be politically interested. Not necessarily involved, but interested. I intend this blog as a step toward involvement, however that may materialize. My conservatively principled beliefs and interest in politics mean that I love to read all of the takes, from both sides, of current events. I haveContinue reading “Chronicling Previously Evaporated Thoughts”

RBG Aftermath – SCOTUS Part 1 – it’s fervent

September 22, 2020 It’s been 4 days since the news that RBG died. She’s been in and out of the hospital for Trump’s first term. Everyone knew it was coming, but no one really knew when, and with the pandemic mess, racial unrest, election year chaos, and every single “bad” thing being written off asContinue reading “RBG Aftermath – SCOTUS Part 1 – it’s fervent”