OneAmerica CEO Accidental Peddler of “Anti-Vax” Excess Death Insurance Data

This is one of the more incredible story unfoldings I’ve seen in the pandemic. A vaccine-mandating CEO trying to follow the narrative becomes a rightwing anti-vax hero, by providing astounding industry data that inconveniently undermines his entire purpose. Yesterday, an offbeat outlet ( ran with a story that the OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison made aContinue reading “OneAmerica CEO Accidental Peddler of “Anti-Vax” Excess Death Insurance Data”

Joe Rogan #1747 – Dr. Peter McCullough

I’ve avoided a sweeping pandemic write-up because I feel like it’s so well-covered on all sides. But this weekend, the world seemed to be back in a frenzy over new Omicron variant surges. All sorts of countries, businesses, and institutions are imposing new lockdowns, new closures, new mandates. I’ve been living my life normally sinceContinue reading “Joe Rogan #1747 – Dr. Peter McCullough”

Everything Woke Turns to Spit

Our culture celebrates brokenness and victimhood, using false language like “bravery,” “vulnerability,” “empathy,” pushing people to reside there instead of finding actual victory and bravery through overcoming. It changes definitions of words like “love” and “diversity” into twisted contortions of reality that more closely resemble destruction and division than their claimed labels. It establishes ‘neverContinue reading “Everything Woke Turns to Spit”

National Sanctity of Human Life Day

The political efforts for the normalization of abortion by Democrats and their “devoutly-Catholic” leader Joe Biden are in heinous opposition to the creator that Catholics worship and serve.

Trump is my President; Jesus is my Savior

Please remember, the left continues to justify and condone the riotous death & destruction from the left that occurred for weeks and weeks on end all across our nation in 2020, while the right immediately condemned lawlessness from the worst of its own, demanding they be brought to justice. We will continue to stand on truth, not emotion, and we know that eventually, the truth prevails.

More Benford’s Law, How to Investigate Fraud, and Milwaukee

Benford’s Law predicted 37 wards with a leading digit vote count of “5”, but Biden/Harris vote totals had a leading digit of “5” in 79 wards. If there’s fraud in Milwaukee County, they’re likely to find it in those wards.

What does Benford’s Law have to do with the Presidential Election?

This is the work I do for a living. Professionally speaking, I am a fraud examiner, a data analyst, a nerd who is a lover of data sets and the stories hidden within them. My jaw nearly fell into the family bonfire when I saw THESE pictures pertaining to the 2020 election.

Making up for 2 weeks in an election cycle: Debates & Covid Infections

The Presidential debate was a nightmare. You all saw it, but none of you enjoyed it. I won’t even re-hash it here. Chris Wallace, President Trump, Joe Biden, and the American public were all equally declared the losers of the debate.

Trump Tax Returns: The Latest “Bombshell” Blank

September 29, 2020 Friends kept messaging me yesterday asking me to weigh in on the Trump tax return story. I was hesitant, because I see the story as a mere distraction and hate to waste time on it. I understood why they asked; I’m a CPA and have spent many years working on tax fraud.Continue reading “Trump Tax Returns: The Latest “Bombshell” Blank”

It’s Amy Coney Barrett

September 28, 2020 Trump’s Saturday nomination of Amy Coney Barrett was no surprise to the media or awaiting public. Her name had been prominently discussed during the 2018 Kavanaugh nomination, and by all accounts, she’s a brilliant originalist with all of the right credentials, and to the delight of conservatives, even clerked for, learned from,Continue reading “It’s Amy Coney Barrett”