OneAmerica CEO Accidental Peddler of “Anti-Vax” Excess Death Insurance Data

This is one of the more incredible story unfoldings I’ve seen in the pandemic. A vaccine-mandating CEO trying to follow the narrative becomes a rightwing anti-vax hero, by providing astounding industry data that inconveniently undermines his entire purpose.

Yesterday, an offbeat outlet ( ran with a story that the OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison made a statement about unprecedented death rates among working-age demographics that is thwarting the actuarial summaries that have driven insurance premiums and wreaking havoc across the industry.

The implication was clear to those with concerns over vaccine safety and his statement is running wild across conservative social media. Is that what he intended? Is he a right-wing nut job conspiracy theorist? Is he promoting vaccine hesitancy? Absolutely not.

I just watched the full video to see what he had to say. First of all, he was participating in an Indiana Chamber of Commerce meeting with an introductory purpose “to deliver a message of urgency to get more Hoosiers vaccinated.” When it was his turn to speak, he was in lock-step with the meeting’s stated purpose and the speakers before him. Both his words and the leadership actions he described as CEO indicated his full agreement with the vaccine-pushing narrative.

OneAmerica, he explained, is making the difficult call to require employees to be vaxxed so that they can get back to an in-person, hybrid work schedule now that fully-remote working conditions are proving ineffective. Apparently their 84% vaxxed employee-base has signaled refusal to share office-space with unvaxxed colleagues, despite their employer’s medical-grade HVAC system. Davison switched to insurance data in the next breath, sounding an alarm on unprecedented death rates among the working demographics covered by their business’s group life insurance plans. He provided no opinions about the causes of death, but within full context of his previous statement, he has drawn ZERO vaccine-safety concerns from the troubling data he just summarized.

Davison thought we’d hear his statements and conclude Covid is the problem and vaccines are the solution. Instead, he delivered the biggest blow to “the narrative” since the pandemic started.

Death data directly impacts his business making him a credible and believable expert to share this bombshell: 3rd quarter 2021 had a 40% increase in pre-pandemic death rates among the working-insured (18-64), which is four times the increase you’d see in a once-in-200-years catastrophe! As a bonus nugget of info, they’re also seeing an uptick in disability claims; first short-term disability, and now long-term disability.

It presumably never occurred to Davison that the jab (the same one that he is REQUIRING of his own 2,400 employees) contributed to this insane anomaly he just described. Although this incredible death increase happened in the 3rd quarter of 2021 and is continuing into Q4 2021. Us “Covidiots” all know that this mysterious death timing coincides with vaxx spread, and NOT 2020 pandemic spread.

A fully pro-jab CEO is about to be blown away by becoming the viral face of “anti-vax” as “the narrative” refers to it.

See for yourself; OneAmerica CEO starts at 21:21.

The narrative is shifting. Sit back and watch. Thank Joe Rogan and others who have relentlessly sought to put out real, alternative, dissenting, TRUE information. The kind that should be in the marketplace of ideas in a free, developed, educated society.

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