Everything Woke Turns to Spit

Our culture celebrates brokenness and victimhood, using false language like “bravery,” “vulnerability,” “empathy,” pushing people to reside there instead of finding actual victory and bravery through overcoming.

It changes definitions of words like “love” and “diversity” into twisted contortions of reality that more closely resemble destruction and division than their claimed labels.

It establishes ‘never offending people’ as a more important standard than ‘advancing truth’…after it spent decades teaching the masses to be applauded for their virtue through claiming to be being offended by non-offensive things, often things which don’t pertain to their lives in any way.

In this way, a society completely strangles the truth, masculinity, families, decency, itself. It unfolds before our eyes, but we’ve been trained to see it as progress rather than destruction.

Wake up! 🇺🇸

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