Making up for 2 weeks in an election cycle: Debates & Covid Infections

I can’t be a daily blogger; at least not now. I’m being a daily tweeter instead, because I can do it in 30 second intervals throughout the day, so follow me @ConservativelyJ for my real-time thoughts and quips. But just because I haven’t written in 2 weeks doesn’t mean I haven’t been chronicling all the political stories in my mind and saving my opinions. I’ll try to make them quick.

  1. The Presidential debate was a nightmare. You all saw it, but none of you enjoyed it. I won’t even re-hash it here. Chris Wallace, President Trump, Joe Biden, and the American public were all equally declared the losers of the debate.
  2. Leftist empathy for Trump’s infection with Covid lasted about 12 hours; quickly turning to accusations about timing of infection, shame-blaming his Walter Reed drive-by “rally,” and anger that his quick recovery might lend credence to his “Don’t Fear the China Virus” mantra. The next debate was determined by the Debate Commission to be virtual, both candidates threw a fit over that, and it’s all but been cancelled and replaced by their own desired event forums. If it stays that way, the public will hang onto hopes of the third debate remaining, shortly before election day.
  3. Nancy Pelosi boasted about the “quiver” of options available to congressional dems to halt the SCOTUS justice installment, Schumer gave similar statements implying nefarious strategery, and a sudden host of prominent republicans tested positive for corona virus within a few day period (including POTUS, FLOTUS, advisor Hope Hicks, debate prepper Chris Christie, Senate Judiciary committee republicans Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, RNC chairman Ronna McDaniel, and more…). This sent conservative Twitterers into a flurry of not-so-conspiratorial conspiracy theories of Dems somehow infecting the Republicans, while the left is pushing their “science-denying Republicans couldn’t outrun the science of the virus, with their mask-refusing, virus-minimizing antics” interpretation to assert their self-ascribed elite intelligence, contrasted with the implied stupidity and deservedness of Republicans. But really, they just need it to halt the campaign and the SCOTUS hearing…somehow. They don’t really want anyone to die (except they do, and many tweeted to that effect).
  4. This Wednesday’s Vice Presidential debate restored some normalcy to the prior weeks’ contentious news cycle. Vice President (and my hero) Mike Pence was as cool, calm, collected, crisp, and on message as always, with unwavering respectfulness and honorability as he delivered policy win after policy win by the Trump administration. Because I love him, this commentary will be longer than the rest. Pence has remained much better at advocating for Trump than Trump himself, in many aspects. On the other hand, the woke left touted Kamala Harris’ brave self-defense of invoking “Mister Vice President, I’m speaking, I’m speaking,” claiming women everywhere “related” with her regarding the mean oppressive man trying to speak over her. Conservatives (yes, even women) thought she portrayed herself as a whiny, quarrelsome she-victim. “Mansplaining” was trending on Twitter, and implied that since Pence was debating a woman, every word he spoke was rude. Meanwhile, Kamala literally broke from her own soliloquies to provide sidebar definitions of “debt” and “bounty” to Americans (note: this is not condescending or womansplaining). There’s an inherent problem with the left attempting this fake argument against Mike Pence, of all people, the most humble and respectfully-spoken politician a person could ever draw up. Speaking of Pence, a common fly landed squarely on his stark white hair during the debate and proceeded to sit there for a full two minutes, as if trapped in his bullet-proof gel. Pence’s performance was so dominant on both delivery and content, the fly and the so-called mansplaining dominated the mainstream coverage of the VP debate. That tells you just about everything you need to know there: when the true news hurts the left, they can easily find a distraction from it.

There are more things I could have covered:

  • Biden’s unashamed admission that his Supreme Court packing plans are a secret until the election is over
  • Pelosi’s 25th Amendment plans
  • Dem debate candidates squarely blaming Trump for all 200k+ American covid deaths & fallibly labelling their favored shut-down policy as a Trump-caused recession
  • National polls showing next-to-zero chance for a Trump re-election, allegedly
  • A grand jury indictment in the Breonna Taylor case that was insufficient to appease social justicians
  • Multiple grand jury indictments against the gun-wielding, property-protecting McCloskeys of St. Louis
  • New Police shootings igniting new “mostly peaceful protests” (except for all the damage)
  • Proof documents of Hillary Clinton orchestrating the Russian collusion hoax with the known blessing of Obama, Biden, and others
  • FBI thwarting of Michigan governor Whitmer’s planned kidnapping

I have strong opinions on all these, and more. Check them out on Twitter and enjoy your 4th-to-last weekend before the election!

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