Chronicling Previously Evaporated Thoughts

September 23, 2020

I’ve always considered myself to be politically interested. Not necessarily involved, but interested. I intend this blog as a step toward involvement, however that may materialize.

My conservatively principled beliefs and interest in politics mean that I love to read all of the takes, from both sides, of current events. I have strongly held opinions that mostly just reside in my mind. The information that I *want* to post (on Facebook, for example) is always intended for lesser-interested conservatives to receive a meal of important conservatism, but it never works out that way. Instead it turns into a heated warzone of commenters who barely know each other expressing their disdain for one another. This seems more harmful than helpful, and fails to live up the intent of my writing. As a result, I’ve adopted a method of “posting” private rants that no one can see but me, and who is that helping?

I don’t know exactly what direction this blog will go. I intend to research and opine on current topics from a conservative perspective that I hope will be helpful to conservatives who don’t like doing the research themselves, or who’d rather avoid the controversy and cut to the chase. This is not any different than what I’ve already been doing privately, just putting it into writing more often to be shared.

Some of the things that I’ve been passionate about leaning into over the past year will likely make their way into the blog at some point:

  • Public Education: K-12, Universities, Unions, Red for Ed, Standardized Testing
  • Marriage & Family: Divorce, Gender Issues, the Nuclear Family
  • Race Relations: Critical Race Theory, Marxism, and Social Justice
  • Procedural Politics: Elections and Electoral College
  • SCOTUS: history, precedents, nominations & confirmations
  • Religious Liberty: World Religions, Identity Politics, Evangelicalism
  • Individual Liberty: Taxes, Guns, Hands-free Driving, Assembly, and Masks
  • Healthcare: Costs, Big Pharma, Toxins, Vaccines, Procedures, Essential Oils
  • Behavior: Lawfulness, Criminality, Intolerant Tolerance, Unloving Love
  • Satire, Memes and Political Cartoons

In a nutshell, any topic that people argue about or that has become partisan, I’m interested in. I’ll read a lot about them, and I’ll let you know my opinion. It will usually be based on current events, but if there’s not much going on, I’ll try to re-hash some prior passion. My conservative friends tell me my opinion’s always right. My liberal friends tell me it is always wrong. So I think you’ll like it.

One last thing, I know very little about how to design, operate, present, or market a blog. I’m starting this on a free platform from a standard template and it will probably be painful for awhile. It’ll come around, but I needed to get started because 2020 is way too juicy to delay any longer.

Thanks for reading!

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